Ragnarok Sorcerer Job Change Quest

Ragnarok Sorcerer Job Change Quest Requirements

  • Base Level 99 Sage or Professor
  • Job Level 50 Sage
  • Job Level 60 Professor


1.You’ll start the Ragnarok Sorcerer Job Change Quest by going to (geffen 120 110)




2. Talk with Merito for basic registration form



3. After that go to (gef_tower 113 164) talk with Karacas for this test, before that you have to Preparedmaterials for the test (Red Blood, Wind of Verdure, Crystal Blue, Yellow Live You need all 3 each of them.)




4.When you get all the materials,you need to communicate with 4 generation spirit and collect a reagent which has actualized the spirit



5.You need to go (thor_v01 64 252) for collect the reagent



6.You need to go (ice_dun01 274 274) for collect the reagent



7. You need to go (mjo_dun03 200 141) for collect the reagent



8.You need to go (gon_dun02 195 190) for collect the reagent



9. When you finish collect all the reagent, you go back to (gef_tower 113 164) talk with Karacas



10. Finally you become a Sorcerer.



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