Ragnarok Warlock Job Change Quest

Ragnarok Warlock Job Change Quest Requirements

  • Base Level 99 Wizard or High Wizard 
  • Job Level 50 Wizard
  • Job Level 60 High Wizard


1. You’ll start the Ragnarok Warlock Job Change Quest by going to (Morroc)



2. Talk with the guild master and tell him you want to become warlock.



3. First thing you have to do is talk with the assistant beside the guild master. He will give you Magic stone ring and Magical Stone. You need to equip the magic stone, and kill Magic Monster Naga / Magic Monster Golem.



4. Kill Magic Monster Naga to get Glittering Crystal.



5. Kill Magic Monster Golem to get Great Bradium Piece.



6. When you get Glittering Crystal and Great Bradium Piece, you need to go to find Yoop



7. Give Yoop all the materials(remember take out your magic stone)



8. After you give all the materials to Yoop, he will request you to find back guild master, guild master want you to go test room to past the test.



9. The Assistant will send you to the test room (beside the guild master).he will give you some Rainbow Ruby; you can try to use the Rainbow Ruby to kill the monster.



10. Talk with the NPC to start the test.



11. You need to kill all the monster and dealing the Hollow stone.



12. When you past the test, you will be send back to Guild master, you need to talk to the assistant first.



13. Assistant will conform you past the test, after that you need to talk back to guild master, When the guild master conform you past the test, you job will be change.



14. When you finish talking with guild master, you succeed to become a Warlock.



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